Chaotic& Captivating Palermo, Sicily

Sicily is a southern island of Italy in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea.  The city of Palermo, Sicily is an Italian gem with traces of ancient Arab civilization treasures.img_7612Varied landscape upon landing in Palermo: sea x mountain x volcano=splendid background

dscf1379The Massimo Politeama is an artistic architectural beauty where opera performances are to be enjoyed.

dscf1386dscf1391dscf1405dscf1410Prideful Italians waving the flag

dscf1415dscf1416dscf1417dscf9933dscf9801dscf9805dscf9815dscf9816dscf9819dscf9822dscf9846Love the grand arched wooden doors in the background on the right.

dscf9849dscf9872dscf9887dscf9898Palermo’s Gothic Cathedral

dscf9909dscf9916dscf9919Wearing: Orange dress from Forever 21, Lacoste watch, Blue dress from Tristan and America, Michael Kors purse, Zara shoes, RayBan and Black Oliver People sunnies


Palermo is a captivating northern city  and the capital of the Island of Sicily. Palermo is to me, culturally rich and dazzles in diversity.  The gorgeous island of Sicily, known to be the pearl of the Italian south, is a cultural treasure where ancient Arab and Byzantine culture have left their mark in an Italian way of life. Praised by those who have visited Sicily, Palermo is seductively beautiful and feisty. The fascinating sea front mixed with a Gothic palace like Cathedral resembling Arab castles, souk like alleyways and markets, Baroque churches with Byzantine Mosaics (could not photograph in church),  and golden arabesques domes (top of Politeama theater that I could not photograph because I was not high enough) is what makes Palermo a travelers gem. It is the mix of heritage that creates the Sicilian metropolis of today.

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65 thoughts on “Chaotic& Captivating Palermo, Sicily

      1. I have yet to explore Italy properly, I’ve only been to Venice so far but oh boy was it amazing! Thank you, Sicily will be next on my list when going to Italy 🙂

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    1. Wow it will be a lovely time. I have not been to Ragusa but have heard good things. I spent my time in Palermo, Agrigento and Taormina along with neighboring towns. In my opinion, Sicily is really beautiful no matter where you chose to visit.


    1. Thank you so much. I would say it is a great destination. As for the people, I have visited Sicily with my family and did not interact so much with locals. Maybe googles would be able to answer this more in depth but I didn’t get a reserved vibe from my time in Palermo.


  1. Oh my gosh I I loved each and every one of these photos!! Hey that dark blue/black outfit is really cute and those shoes are perfect with it! I would just love to see all that fabulous architecture! So drenched in history!


  2. Lovely! Some areas still seem to show the scarring of the war. Still very pretty. My father loved Sicily. I remember him telling me how he would sit on a bench and chat with the other old men. He taught himself Italian and went there to practice and what better way than idle chatter in good company?


    1. Hi joliesattic,
      you’re right, the whole historic center still shows many wounds from the war. This is because after the war mafia gained power, and it found more profitable to make money from speculative building, constructing in the countryside all over the old city, while the historic center was left to rot (with the exception of few monumental buildings being restored, like stunning Chiesa del Gesù). This changed in the 90s, when finally renovation of the historic center began. A massive work has been done since, and today around 60% of the historic center has been recovered (which is a very big number, considering the dimensions of the old city and especially the density of buildings in it). Even with all these wounds, today there are many, many stunning monuments to visit, enough to fill 5 days of packed sightseeing.
      P.S. congratulations for the very nice pictures Evelina

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      1. The mafia was conserving its strength while the men and women who had beliefs and values were making according sacrifices like the rest of the world? Funny how so many powerful families today had a similar history back in the 30’s and 40’s into the Cold War. I guess drugs and other forms of slavery have a 300-500% resale value…. they should be well into their campaign of rewriting history now. There is still probably nothing time can do to improve George W…. it was an Italian in Nostradamus who first warned us of him comimg during the January of 2001 😇🤔


        1. It was my pleasure Evelina and joliesattic. Of course who comes to visit can only see an “absolute” situation, not the “relative” one, that’s why I tried to explain it a bit.
          If I can take the liberty to correct a small mistake, the one in the second (very nice) picture is not Teatro Massimo but it’s Teatro Politeama (I only say it for precision, I don’t mean to be tell you off…hope it’s ok 🙂 )


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