View on original Evelina siteDSCF4864Pantheon and fountain of the PantheonDSCF4865When it rains and I don’t have an umbrella, I just work the headscarf! DSCF4872DSCF4875The perfectly proportinoed sphere and oculusIMG_2210IMG_2211Hoel at the of the dome, also called the eye of the dome. IMG_2212When the camera can’t focus because the art is too detailedIMG_2219IMG_2220IMG_2221IMG_2223IMG_2233The marble floor contains geometric patterns and hole to drain the water when it rainsIMG_2234IMG_2235IMG_2236IMG_2237Wearing: Zara coat, Zara dress, Converse shoes, Michael Kors purse and a scarf


The Pantheon is one of Rome’s must see sights even 2000 years after construction. The Pantheon used to be a Roman temple but now serves as a church. Situated at Piazza della Rotonda across from the beautiful Fontana (fountain) del Pantheon, the dome remains the most fascinating aspect because of the perfectly proportioned sphere and hole. The hole/ oculus  of the dome is the only source of light for the Pantheon.  Known for its spectacular design and architectural elegance and harmony, the Pantheon is  yet another masterpiece of the Roman Empire. In the words of the great Michelangelo, the Pantheon is ‘a work of angles, not humans’. Although my photographs give an idea of the Pantheon’s beauty, they do not do justice to the intricate detail of the place.

Fun facts about the Pantheon:

  • The giant dome has a whole in the top and  the distance from the floor to the top of the dome is exactly equal to its diameter.
  • Best preserved monument to have survived barbarian raids while keeping its structure and beauty.
  • The Pantheon marble floors have holes in the slabs to drain the water when it rains through the oculus.
  • The Pantheon contains the tombs of many Italian kings and queens.
  • In Greek language, the Pantheon means ‘honor God of all people and religions’.

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43 thoughts on “Pantheon

    1. Very well said, I agree and it’s spherical architecture to be enjoyed is one of the many aspects that make the Pantheon incredible. I guess, Vatican, Colosseem, Sisteen Chapel and Piazza Navona overshadow the greatness of Pantheon.


    1. Yes I totally agree, I think that adds to the beauty of Italian architecture. It is so detailed, intricate and in the Pantheon’s case, spherical and done while simply using human intellect and with no machinery. We don’t see such buildings being built anymore!

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