My ideal travel packing list


Have you ever asked yourself if you had all you needed before a trip?  Well, today I am making a list of all products I bring with me when I travel. These are products that I would recommend to anyone travelling.  I will organize the products in four categories: travel gear, clothes & accessories,  my favorite photography gear and electronics.

  • Travel gear

When I travel, I always need a good convenient 4 wheel luggage with practical compartments for my packing to remain organised throughout my whole trip. Some prefer backpacking, therefore I’d suggest a comfortable and compact backpack. I also always have a carry on with me. I prefer my grey Lacoste bag with my essentials although a small luggage matching the main luggage can also practical. Lastly for travel gear, I always have luggage locks in case I leave my things unattended.

Luggage                                          Backpack                                    Carry on                     Luggage locks

810ruoobdil-_sy450_  download       614-caqgzrl-_sy450_   download-1-locks

  • Clothes & accessories

As for clothes, it is no secret,  I love to bring awesome outfits to wear in beautiful places. I usually shops at well known stores such as Zara and Forever 21. However there are a few things I wouldn’t travel without. Converse shoes are convenient because they can be for walking, small hikes and recreational runs. I also always bring with me a Parka jacket for windy or rainy days but I do prefer my stylish coats.  Depending on my trip, I bring different outfits according to weather but there are accessories I can’t go without no matter the country I am visiting. A toiletry compact is practical, I also always bring an umbrella, reusable water bottleNeutrogena sunscreen, a wide brimmed hate, my RayBan sunglasses, a neck pillow, and a scarf.


Converse                         Parka jacket           Toiletry compact            Umbrella    Reusable bottle

81a4cuc9tol-_ux500_          41bxn2b9yal-_sl110_       51oblq3uy3l-_sl110_    31gvuxuwyml-_sl110_   31zvffk-ffl-_sl110_


Neutrogena sunscreen    Wide brimmed hat      RayBan sunnies          Neck pillow           Scarf

41Kz0tOioSL._SL110_.jpg          31lopdwmqnl-_sl110_       31EnDPngn9L._SL110_.jpg   51VMTXL6+cL._SL110_.jpg  51i9nwvtaxl-_sl110_


  • Photography gear

My camera is my most important item and I have it with me at all times because there is always something beautiful to photograph.  I use a Fujifilm x-m1 for most of my pictures with a lens and memory card. I also always have my  smartphone for Iphone photography and night shots and lets not forget about my Polaroid and Polaroid film packs, a cool gadget to have fun with. As for more photography gear, I am planning on getting a Go Pro with the underwater filter, an independent extension stick (selfie stick) and maybe one day to get really serious a drone camera (I saw of video of the drone camera and it is awesome).

Fujiflim x-m1       Fujifilm lens         Memory card       Iphone     Polaroid      Polaroid film pack

51bstkwuabl-_sl110_  51bn3t5-x9l-_sl110_ 515wzc9hfhl-_sl110_  51we979ipcl-_sl110_   71evo-kacbl-_sx425_ 513vgqog9l-_sl110_

GoPro                        Underwater filter       Extension/ selfie stick          Drone camera

410hnacfepl-_sl110_  51c1fwzcavl-_sl110_              31-adzl53bl-_sl110_   41bzn-ojyal-_sl110_

  • Electronics

When I travelling I always have my headphones and Iphone to listen to music especially during long flights are drives.My Iphone is always protected with a protective case.  I do bring my kindle but end up not having time to read, same with the travel journal. If you go for long periods, bringing a laptop is a good idea to empty out the memory card from your camera. A pocket WiFi as well as a Bluetooth speaker are always fun gadgets to bring a on trip.

Headphones          Iphone                 Protective case         Kindle         Travel journal

314gjmncd9l-_sl110_  51we979ipcl-_sl110_   41bio4zxj7l-_sl110_   51k29ckbfl-_sl110_  51xzm0vnoul-_sl110_

Laptop                         Pocket WiFi       Bluetooth speaker

41t0ejbjxyl-_sl110_  3188ydciq7l-_sl110_  41xzwdurwbl-_sl110_



There you have it, all the things I bring with me when I travel. All these must have travel items can be bought online on Amazon!

Does this list resemble yours? If no, what do you bring?

Until next time,



Disclaimer: The affiliate links in this page means if/when you choose to purchase the products I recommend, I will receive a small commission but at no extra cost to you.


42 thoughts on “My ideal travel packing list

  1. J’aime bien ton blog et les photos.
    Great list – pack too much, I always come back with unworn items! Going away soon, so will rethink my packing strategy so as not to stress over luggage allowance.


    1. Merci, j’apprecie les compliments. Haha yeah same I don’t pack light. I try to change outfits while travelling to make the extra baggage worth my while. My trick is if I’m going to a hot country I back light weight dresses and same a ton for luggage allowance. Even if I like to pack a lot I always try to not go over.


  2. I always struggle with packing – I end up packing too much especially if we are driving because there’s always enough space in the car. But, there are times when I have limited baggage allowance and that’s when I realize that I need to tune my packing game. So your post is extremely helpful for me. Thanks a tonne!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Awesome list! Thanks so much for sharing! I miss traveling so much 😦 I’ve been wanting a Polaroid camera too and after seeing yours, I might get one very soon. Hehe and thanks for the follow! Can’t wait to read more from you 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Glad you like it. I get that feeling too, when I haven’t traveled in a while, I miss it. Cool, I think thtat is a good idea, its a really fun gadget and creates cool photo memories. You’re welcome, nice blog. I wonder if I embody my sign as much as you do. More travel posts to come-stay tuned!


    1. Haha yes a lot of stuff but I pack it well. Best clothes are always a variety and I bring a little for all types for all weather because you never know. For example, even if I am going somewhere hot I always leave with a coat because it gets cold in airplanes. Also, I bring as much as I can fit in the luggage weight limit, this way I have everything I need for cool outfit options.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Lol, well sometimes I go with my family, sometimes on my own and in those cases I save and I go and take many pictures when I’m there. Taking many pictures is cool because when I started the blog, I realized i had enough content to post. Thank you, glad you enjoy my blog. More posts to come, hope you will continue to enjoy!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Merci, oui moi aussi mais a chaque voyage c’est la meme liste donc je m’habitue. Haha moi aussi,je ne voyage pas lege mais ca ne m’interesse pas non pluscar j’aime tout mon linge and mes accessoires. C’est ce qui rend mes voyages encore plus interessant et unique pour moi!

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  4. Great list! I’d love to see it all packed up as it sounds like it may take up a lot of space. The Fuji X-M1 is a solid choice with tack sharp lenses! My list is similar, but a little lighter on the tech. You always look stylish, so I know your clothing choices are spot on!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you! Haha it all fits in a medium 4 wheel luggage, with my grey Lacoste carry on. Yes i agree, I love my fuji, never disappoints and its my favorite gadget, I wouldn’t travel without it. But I can leave some of the extra tech behind but never the fuji haha. Aww thanks, that’s sweet, I love pairing outfits in my travels, makes it that much more fun and nice for the photos haha.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha tell me about it, I’ve done that before. I’d bring the prettiest shoes not thinking I’ll be doing lots of walking. Arh, I hate blisters but I guess when travelling its inevitable even sometimes with comfortable shows. My trick is I bring different shoes and switch to give time to blistered to heal.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. That is quite a comprehensive list 🙂 You know what I am eyeing. The camera. I have to yet click ‘buy’ on Amazon. I have a Nook but it lies in the drawer a bit forgotten. I mostly end up carrying a book instead. Just a disease!


    1. Thanks, yeah I think it sums everything I bring on a trip. Haha no worries, just get it when/if you’re ready. It’s only a fun gadget if you really want it. A book is good, I carry one but never get the time to read. I always prefer looking out the window or just snapping photos and by the end of the day, I’m too exhausted to read haha.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I know I shall get it soon! 😀 One of those worldly things I have got to acquire. The book is like my support 😉 Often I too do not end up reading anything because I spend more time on editing photos.


        1. Okay cool!! Yeah, I will be lending mine to my sister for her six months travels and I’m just like should I just get another if I travel again during that time lol. That’s really good, I wish I read more. Haha I like editing Iphone photos but not camera ones because I have to many!

          Liked by 1 person

      1. You did too? We saw Logan last night… then I had to walk home several suburbs because the train stopped. Happens a lot lately. Possibly another suicide or an ice related crime. All the driver told us was that it was a police operation.

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