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Today was dedicated to Rome’s must see sights: Vatican City, Colosseum and neighboring ruins. I would describe Rome to be a journey in artistic history. 20140705_095713St-Peter’s Square20140705_09573720140705_095744dscf2112dscf2313Bernini’s famous baldachin, where only the pope can servedscf2330dscf2350dscf2374img_9230dscf2446Arenaimg_9271img_9307img_9272img_9317img_9273img_9363dscf2493Entering the forum to visit the Roman ruinsdscf2495dscf2497dscf2511dscf2557Wearing: Forever 21 top, Editorial skirt, Zara shoes, Michael Kors purse and bracelets from Rome’s street vendors.  I choose to wear a long skirt and a shirt covering my shoulders because of  the strict dress code to enter the church.


I started my morning by going to St-Peter’s Basilica in Vatican City continued to the Colosseum, an ancient Roman symbol and finally after a full day of walking, I explored the magnificent forum filled with ruins.

St-Peter’s basilica is a baroque Church rich in its architecture both exterior and interior. I especially like the detail of the dome which is Michelangelo’s most spectacular architectural work.  The baroque facade and the columns are also impressive.The interior is an architectural treasure filled with masterpieces such as Michelangelo Pieta sculpture and Bernini baldachin. This is Italy largest church and home to the pope where he gives his speeches from the balcony on Christmas and Easter.

The Colosseum, situated east to the Roman ruins, is the largest amphitheater ever to be built in sand and concrete. The arena sits over 50 000 seats, is home to ancient gladiators combats and animal fights. The Colosseum is now an icon of Rome.

The ancient ruins, a historic heritage site  used to be a Roman market and a center for public life.  Public events such as elections, speeches, trials and affairs used to be held in what we now call ruins.

Rome is to me a city with inspiring art and overall a masterpiece of the Renaissance era.

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83 thoughts on “Roma Roma Roma

    1. Cool! You will enjoy even more as you have a rich background of Roman history. I agree, the visit is a must. Thanks for complimenting my photos. I appreciate the compliment. Happy future travels to Rome and other regions you choose to visit someday.


    1. Aww thank you so much for lovely compliments. I appreciate it. Glad you can travel through my lens and get inspired by the beauty of the world. Makes me feel like my blog gains a purpose. Thanks, you too! More on Rome to come.


  1. Fantastic pictures, thank you. I’ve been to Roma a few times and found the city itself to be a fantastic museum. Every time you turn a corner, you never know what you will find; but usually it is amazing. Thank you again, for bring back some fond memories.

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  2. Pictures are so beautiful. Hope to travel there someday especially to visit the Vatican. I have an idea about Italy overall especially after reading Dan Brown’s book—Angels and Demons. it pictures Rome,the Vatican,Florence and other Italian landmarks and spots especially in light of the arts,litearature and Catholicism.

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    1. Thank you, glad you liked the pictures. Yes I would suggest to travel to Rome if given the chance. I have not read that book, but I would recommend a trip as Italy is rich in history, beauty, food, culture and as you mentioned, arts, literature and Catholicism!

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  3. Looks interesting. Certainly of great historical relevance. You must have a better understanding of Roman history than I currently have. Keen to hear more about it.

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          1. Synchronicity. Term coined by Jung for the effects of a higher level of intelligence through coincidence. Roman Empire and the Vatican coming up a bit this weekend

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