G2 = Genoa Gelato

View on the original Evelina sitedscf0826dscf0839dscf0857dscf0864dscf0865dscf0869dscf0898dscf0925dscf0939dscf0957dscf0971Loving the arcs

dscf0983dscf1052dscf1018Colored Pattern is so cool!dscf1038dscf1057The architecture behind me: amazing

dscf1075Gelato in Genoa. Obviously is was amazing. I had raspberry and mango while my sister had lemon, also called granita in Italian.dscf1081Gelato x2

dscf1082Wearing: Dynamite dress, Zara shoes, Michael Kors purse, Lacoste watch, Oliver People sunnies, Forever 21 necklaces, Green and white bracelet bought in a market in Palma di Mallorca, Spain.


In Genoa, Italy with my sister.  We spend most of the day aimlessly walking the streets of Genoa. Enjoying, going with the flow, a day without a specific plan. Simply exploring whatever came along and Immerse ourselves in Italian culture.

Genoa, is the capital of Liguria. Like many other Italian cities, Genoa is rich in architecture and lovely sites. Known  for its powerful past, Genoa is apparently the birth place of the Italian explorer Christopher Columbus.

I love how compacted Italian cities are compared to Canada. How many people gather in city centers and that’s just a way of life.  I like that! Back home, I feel like everything is far apart. In Italy just going for a walk is filled with history and beauty.

I take a lot of photos but I love to Record  and document my travels. Every picture is fun to capture.

Until next time,



66 thoughts on “G2 = Genoa Gelato

  1. First, I have to tell you I loved your outfit – super cute! Darn if you don’t have some killer legs too (jealous!). I completely agree and think its great how compact it all is! What a fantastic trip you will always hold dear as well as the time spent with your sis!


    1. Thank you so much, I love the dress too! Haha yeah, my tall silhouette has its advantages :). I loved simply roaming the streets and so much to see in a close range. I agree, my sis and I had a great time and took many pictures to remember this trip!

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    1. Glad to hear, so inspiring for me to continue blogging. Haha yes my sister is a good travel buddy, we both want many pictures so we take them of each other and together creating awesome travel memories. But yes, travelling with someone else makes it easier for pictures but if all else fails, there is always the kindness of strangers. Thanks, you too

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      1. Interesting post. Thanks again. Hot here today. Autumn equinox next Tuesday. Easter full moon or pink moon not til the 12th April so plenty of swimming weather left here


          1. Just been at an Italian cafe. Seen the worst of it. Young guy on drugs and aggressive. Seemed to be an acceptable part of the furniture there


  2. Another of my favourite Italian cities. Genoa also has a funicular which I didn’t get to ride as we were there for a short time. The waterfront is so idyllic. Thanks for the memories. I hope you enjoyed the Genoa pesto.


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