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For Walt Disney lovers, Orvieto is home to Pinocchio and Gepetto! No wonder every gift shop was selling Pinocchio wooden figurines. I was so confused at first, but then it all made sense. dscf1194Resting on the stairs of the cathedral with my sisterdscf1197dscf1198dscf1200dscf1213dscf1217dscf1226dscf1233dscf1255dscf1276dscf1279dscf1299dscf1301dscf1304img_8575Jump!img_8622img_8633Wearing: Aldo cap, Forever 21 top, Zara pants, Michael Kors purse, RayBan Sunnies, Zara shoes, Lacoste watch.


Continuing my journey, I am now in the beautiful city of Orvieto, southwest Umbria in central Italy. Orvieto is a hill town on tuff volcanic stone overlooking cypress trees in the province of Terni and the rest of Umbria.  Tuff stone is perfect for aging wine, making Orvieto a great place for those who enjoy it.

Orvieto is divided in two, the old medieval town and the new town. I spent most of my time in the old town as it is more interesting to discover.

The Duomo (cathedral) of Orvieto is quite unique because of its delightful colorful frontal mosaics. The facade has four pillars and once again, the cathedral is built with exquisite Gothic detail. Another brilliant structure of Italy. I particularly love the collection of colored glass pieces creating a Pattern of rich mosaics at the front of the cathedral with the stripped side look!

Orvieto rests on Etruscan caves, tunnels and extravagant wells making this town a place of shelter for the Pope to ensure safety and water back in medieval times. This town is full of medieval richness and a delight to sit down at a piazza and enjoy the vibe.

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84 thoughts on “Pinocchio

  1. I love Orvieto One of my favourite towns in Italy. Getting the “train” up the mountain is so unique as there isn’t many in Australia. Thanks Evelina for the memories of a wonderful place.


    1. Hi, I mean the mosaic we see at the front from the outside. I don’t have any pictures of the inside therefore all that is mentioned about the cathedral in my post refers to the outside. I like the details of the religious art made of colorful mosaic tiles above the main entrance as seen in my cathedral photos.

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    1. More travel posts to come every Friday and a random one this Tuesday-Stay tuned! Yes I agree, even I revisit when making the post and love it. You’re welcome, glad you enjoy the essence of my blog!


  2. Nice place. Love the cathedral architecture – Romanesque I think (not too well versed in architecture styles but that’s my uneducated guess!). Would love to see your answer to Wiz’s question as I am curious about that too!

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    1. The builders who oversaw the building of the cathedrals etc… were better mathematicians than our engineers. They did calculations in their heads and with foremen who they trained up. No calculators etc… That is how the guilds and masons got so strong. Virtual reality changed architecture in the 80’s. Real estate and capital could be saved by VR. Craftsmen of Europe were well advancrd.

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        1. Over history the mathematics have always been relevant. Our discovery of computer technology has only just started to get us back to the old crafts. It is like we are getting a glimpse back to the old gods too that all monotheistic religions were built on top of

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    2. Thank you! Me too, so detailed and intricate, always so stunning. My answer to Wiz’s question: ‘Haha.. well this is a few trips combined. And for my blog I cut up the post by area trying to prolong content. Secret? I just go, take pictures and make memories!’

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      1. Yes, that is what I have been doing (but cut in a two trips) and small towns are incredibly lovely and much more serene as there are less tourists. Food is Italy is always delicious, mind you Italian food for me is always my favorite.

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    1. I know right! The detail is always incredible and so intricately elegant. Glad you are enjoying the essence of my posts! Oh no worry, you’re so welcome. Glad to hear others enjoy the photos/trips I take as much as I do!

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  3. Must be fun to travel with your (little) sister. De bons souvenirs pour vous deux. J’aime bcp les photos de rues tranquilles… bravo pour ce partage , Evelina. Je me rappelle avoir vu des “Pinocchios” a Florence.. J’avais un peu oublie que son inventeur etait italien au moment ou je voyageais. A+

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    1. Yea it is! We both want to many pictures haha, what can I say she got that from me haha. Ouais vraiment, les photos que nous avons Italy sont superbes. Merci encore pour de beaux compliments sur mon post, j’y met beaucoup de temps donc j’apprecie. Ah oui, je savais pas qu’il y en avait a Florence, je ne les ai pas vu. C’est vrai moi aussi, je n’y avais pas pense qu’il etait Italien jusqu’a ce qu’on arrive a Orvieto! A+


          1. Hopefully space in this Essendon forward line too. The red and black army is gathering 😇 if you like Italians our goal kicking machine Orazio Fantasia is firing up #13

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