Shake it! Shake it like a Polaroid picture! Except the instruction manual suggests it is better not to shake it and simply let it dry for maximum quality. haha Where to get such a cool Polaroid camera? No where else than Amazon!


Polaroid pictures taken in Italy during my trip thus far! My coolest photo memories.img_1815-1img_1816-1img_1819-1img_1824img_1827img_1828img_1830img_1832img_1833

Polaroid film packs come in 10, 20 , 40 sometimes even 60! img_1835img_1836img_1838Polaroids make me smile when I look back at my awesome memories. img_1839img_1840






Here are the Polaroid pictures I’ve taken on my Italy trip thus far! Finding an awesome spot in the beautiful cities that I visit has become a really cool hobby of mine. I get to be immersed in finding the perfect spot to have that one great shot. What I love most of the Fujifilm instant instax camera is that its a one shot picture. A hit or miss and waiting for the instant result is always so fun. It usually is more of a hit more than a miss as the Polaroid camera offers settings for every lighting. Not only does it comes in every cool color from baby pink, to beach blue like mine, to purple, yellow, white and black, it is so easy to use and above all it is the most affordable camera I’ve ever purchased.

Also, I’d like to mention, I think the quality for such an affordable camera is really good. I am always satisfied with the results! I like the old school look of the Polaroid. It is great for travel as the Polaroid is so light weight and so is the film!

What do you think? Do you have a Polaroid? Leave comments below with your experience with the one and only Instax Polaroid!

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86 thoughts on “Polaroids

    1. Yes so lovely! I agree, when placing a few together, they give their own retro look! That’s my favorite part every time I take a Polaroid, and usually it turns out great. I would recommend one, it’s a fun gadget. Thanks, glad you think so!

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  1. I absolutely adore your blog. It is an amazing place. Travellers run the world !
    Thankyou for giving me a follow.
    Thankyou for posting these here, it inspired me, I wish to wander around the universe as well.
    I’d like you to check out my YouTube Channel, you’ll find a different and unique contect here. Here’s a link to my favourite one : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CrFGU9JVfSI&t=57s
    Do tell me how you liked it.
    Waiting to read more of your posts ❤
    Should I call it instant love with your blog?


    1. Thank you, thank you! I totally appreciate your compliments. Glad to hear you like the essence of my blog and that you feel inspired. More awesome travel posts to come, stay tuned. I love travelling, and you’re so welcome. Okay I will check out your YouTube channel and you can check out mine. Keep up the enthusiasm, hope you will enjoy what is coming on my blog. 🙂

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    1. Yes its so fun! My sister and I both love it. Yeah, the vintage/retro look of each photos is cool. Yeah you can get it at at about that price (maybe a little more) on Amazon, I paid 100$ Canadian dollars retail but Amazon offers better prices.

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  2. Nice photos and write up, however, remember that this is not Polaroid. Polaroid was the first company to create and sell instant film but they haven’t made film or film cameras since about 2007.

    What you have here is a Fuji Instax camera which also shoots instant film! Instax Mini and Wide are different instant film formats than anything Polaroid ever made. The exact type of instant film is called Integral Instant Film. The methods for making and using it are the same as Polaroid Integral Instant Films such as SX-70 and 600 but they are two different brands that originate from different countries. It’s important to make the distinction because old Polaroid cameras are still in use and they are often very different from Fuji Instax cameras.

    Anyway, keep shooting and sharing your work! Just consider the effect of using inaccurate terms!


    1. That is true. This is indeed a Fujifilm Instax camera but in terms of inaccurate terms, I got this term from Amazon. com therefore I do not consider it inaccurate. If you go on amazon.com and type Polaroid this is the first item to show up same for Google and Google images. I am aware that Polaroid Corporation is a company of its own offering consumer electronics and that original Polaroids are still in use but that does not change the fact that the Instax is now referred to/marketed as a Polaroid because of instant film. Although my post uses the Fujifilm Instax film, when the photo develops instantly from the Fujifilm Instax, the film still has the original look of a Polaroid film background. I will indeed keep shooting and sharing my travels!


  3. There really is something magical about waiting for the photo to develop and see it instantly and I love the vintage appeal too! That was my first camera “back in the day” and my friend at work gave her daughter one for Christmas and she LOVED it!!! Perfect gift for teens too 🙂 – heck, who doesn’t want one!


  4. They are such great shots. Brings back memories. Most of my old Polaroid photos have faded and have almost disappeared. I will have to try and dig them out to use in a collage perhaps.


    1. Thank you! Glad you think so. Oh I hope that doesn’t happen to mine but luckily when I travel I take a polaroid and a picture with a “real” camera just in case that happens but I hope not. Yes, you should if they are faded but still visible, it will give a unique vintage look!

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  5. My parents bought me one of the original Polaroid B&W Land Cameras for passing my exam when I was 11. As I’m now a grandpa I’ll let you imagine how long ago that was! I still have the camera, even though I can’t get film any more. Great memories.

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    1. Aww that is such a cool gift! I think I had one around that age too but it wasn’t as cool looking as the pastel ones now. Haha funny comments, a suppose just a few years back. Even if you can’t get film, that is a cool gadget to keep as a memory. Glad my post/photos brought back lovely childhood memories.

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  6. I’ve seen these cameras in local craft stores here, as these small photos would be great for scrapbooking. I’ve thought about getting one… maybe I will now! I love my Nikon point-and-shoot for my pictures, but this would be a fun addition to any trips!

    And I really liked another comment here where the bridesmaids used a Polaroid during the wedding and had guests write messages.


    1. Yes they are quite popular lately. I’ve seen them around lately but I found that Amazon was the best place because they never sell out and they most importantly never sell out of film which all local stores near me have. They are indeed great for scrap booking, I add them to my photo albums but you can get really creative with Polaroids like making collages or even sticking each photo in a row on a string and then hanging it. It certainly gives a vintage look! I would recommend it if you like photos and cool ways to photograph. Yes I agree, I love my Fujifilm but this is indeed fun and playfull. Oh yeah, I just answered to the comment, that is a cool way to use the camera and to make memories on the spot with guests!


    1. I totally agree. The pastel color choices are awesome but I also like the dark purple one. I would recommend getting one as I love it, it takes awesome shots which are great memories and even fun for scrap booking. Yes, that’s how I’d describe Polaroids, the vintage look, and I love it!

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  7. It’s funny that I came across this post because I was thinking about getting this type of camera. Your review influenced me more to go out and buy it. I can see that it takes really nice pictures.

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    1. Haha what are the odds! I love when that happens. I would recommend it because its fun and can be use for all occasions. Glad my review influenced you in a positive way. It really does take nice and cool pics, let me know if you like it when you choose to get one! Plus it makes for great scrap booking content if your into that.

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  8. My dad passed me on his old polaroid which is huge and non-functional. In the hope that I could get it fixed. I have not been able to figure it out so far, so I think I shall just go ahead and get one of these cuties. Love the colour!


    1. Haha! I was passed down a huge camera once too, it just didn’t work and so I decided to get a new up to date one. Yeah Polaroids are cool and pretty cheap for a camera. They are also really reliable and a great for scrap booking if your into that. Thanks I love the color too, at first I wanted pink or purple but they were sold out so I got blue but I love it too now so all is good!

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      1. The blue is actually the prettiest of the lot. I went and had a look. I am itching to lay my fingers on it! Thanks for the tip 🙂 I love anything that is retro so I think this is a sure shot buy. Do you like the quality of the snaps?


        1. Yes the shots are even better in real. In my post they are photographed with my Iphone and I placed a filter on some of them but in real they are always clear and colorful as long as you put it in the right setting. It’s pretty simple to put the right setting as they only offer indoors, cloudy or sunny. When I travel, taking out my Polaroid is always so cool and people actually love taking the photo because it’s a one shot pic so everyone does their best for it to turn out right! And then when you have a few, its an array of vintage/retro looking pics and I think so that’s so cool and a pretty popular look right now.

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  9. when these things were quite new, my father got one. Nothing was more amazing than watching them develop – but we did not shake them. We had to buy a special brush and (if memory serves) a liquid that really smelled (maybe it was on the brush?). Pics developed by brushing the film. We thought it quite magical!


    1. So cool! I can imagine the magic as a kid, sounds like it was so fun and impressive. These were the types of cute activities I would have enjoyed as a kid but probably still even today. The Polaroids of today develop on their own without a brush, still cool but your way seems cooler.


    1. Aww that sucks that you lost it but awesome to hear you’ll get another. The photos really do develop nicely for such an inexpensive camera. I was really impressed the first time I used it. So cool, I love Italy, so much to see and always a good time 🙂

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