Make a wish

In Rome at the famous Trevi fountain! dscf4847
dscf4850dscf4851The intricate detail of the art at the Trevi fountain is fascinating and beautiful. dscf4855dscf4857img_2173img_2176img_2177img_2186img_2193img_2194img_2195img_2204Wearing: Zara dress, Forever 21 sweater, Pearl bracelet, Michael Kors purse, Converse shoes


I’m in Rome at the Trevi fountain! I was so happy to make not one but three wishes at the Trevi Fontain. I’d been to the fountain a few years back and it was in full reconstruction. Such a  disappointment when I got there, but luckily this time it was up and running. It has been said  that making one Wish at the fountain means you’ll eventually be back in lovely Rome. Even if it was closed two years back, I guess the wish did come true as I found myself to be back in Rome.

Also the reason I made three wishes was because one wish means you’ll be back in Rome. Since that happened I needed to make more than one, but two is bad luck. Seems like I had no choice but to go for three. Apparently the third one is the best luck one can get, so three wishes it was!

I’d made my wishes just in time, it started to rain but it cleared really quickly. On another note, the architecture of the fountain is incredible and grand. The art is fascinating especially up close. The blue water is lovely, the shapes are defined, I think this is the most beautiful fountain I’ve ever seen. Its breathtaking, almost too beautiful to be true.

Fun fact about the fountain: all coins go to charity!  It doesn’t seem like much, but if every tourist makes three wishes, the coins accumulate quite fast and can make a difference.

Also, when I was taking pictures, I was so caught up in the moment I didn’t even realize Shakira was there too!

And then I went to get gelato and it was deliciously amazing.

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155 thoughts on “Make a wish

  1. Awwww. So good to hear you finally got to make your wishes at the Trevi fountain! You look so happy 😀 Also that ice-cream looks delicious. Hope you liked it. Haha, Shakira was there too. What a lucky day 🙂


    1. Yes, I know right! I was indeed so happy. Oh ya the ice cream was really good, probably the best I’ve had, but equally delicious from the one in Venice haha. Yup, I guess I was meant to go back to experience the Trevi fountain fully.

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  2. You are adorable! I love Rome– my husband and I got engaged there! Sadly, the fountain was under construction, so I didn’t get to make my wish then. I guess I’ll have to go back like you did!


    1. Thank you so much for complimenting my blog, I appreciate the positivity. Nice commenting about a wish on my Make a wish post! I’ve visited your blog, you take some good photos and you’re right there is always someone clicking those shots for me! What did you mean by ‘There are a lot on noises on ur pics’?


        1. That’s what I thought. Yes I agree, sometimes it’s difficult to cut the noise especially in crowded cities but I take the photos for memories first and perfection second. Sometimes the photography is not professional (like my mom) and that’s the best I can get haha.

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          1. Hmm right
            But if the person taking clicks is a lil conscious then at least a modest shot can be taken in any crowded place even.
            That needs a vision only
            Professionals are never a better photographer because they shoot to earn and person like me just click to show the beauty to the world 🌎 at no cost .

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          1. Would love to go to Italy. It is mainly the food and the countryside I would like to see. History too. My 2nd major was History.


          2. Where abouts in Italy are you from? Have you ever been to Australia? We have a lot of people of Italian descent here. Very large population who have been here for generations now. In some cases entire villages migrated.


          3. Really? I have a friend here from Toronto. I would like to see a Grizzly on the wild. Did you see The Revenant?


          4. Di Caprio’s most recent film. Features the Pawnee. Great astrologers. A few Canadians around my house in the underdark 😅 Watching X Files now. Hope you have a good weekend. Thanks again for another week’s worthwhile reading. 🙃😼


          5. I’ve heard of the Revenant, he won the Oscar for it last year just never watched it but I have seen episodes of the X files. Have a good weekend to you too, glad you enjoyed Friday’s post. Spoiler: new post planned for Monday too, trying something different.

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          6. Your Monday will be Tuesday for us most likely. Look after yourself. Best wishes for this week x


          7. Canada is 18 hours behind Melbourne… depending where in Canada… and Rome is 9 hours behind us. Monday afternoon here now. Weird energy here today. Something strange in the air. Difficult to guage what is cooking. A lot of people around town talking tripe like they are hip hop heroes or something


      1. Wow! Thank you Evelina. Do I have to post it here or I should make the wish anywhere, or just in my heart, quietly, or aloud?


    1. I love Rome too! You’re right everything about it is great. The food, the architecture, the culture, streets avenues and the whole vibe/ ambiance! Yeah, I was happy too since there was so many people I didn’t know if I’d get a chance but I made the wishes happen! 🙂

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