I’m in Pisa! A dream to see the tilting tower. I wanted to call this post ‘to the left’ in reference to Beyonce’s Irreplaceable song. I realized the tower tilts to the right in my pictures so I kept it simple and went with ‘Tilt’. Seems like I still confuse right from left!dscf4817dscf4819dscf4820dscf4824dscf4825dscf4826dscf4827dscf4829dscf4831dscf4832dscf4834dscf4835PHOTOBOMB!!!

img_2121img_2128img_2145img_2149Wearing: Zara coat, Zara dress, Forever 21 sweater, Levi’s Jean jacket, Converse shoes and Michael kors purse.


Pisa is a city in the region of Tuscany, Italy. I didn’t get a chance to climb the bell tower but I did have fun taking silly pictures with the iconic leaning tower. Although Pisa was once in maritime control against the cities of Genoa and Venice in Italy, the leaning tower is what made Pisa famous. This white marble cylinder tower has been titling ever since completion in 1372. Talk about an architectural project gone wrong! It is caused by weak soil and the tilt keeps getting worse.

The Torre Pendente, leaning tower in Italian, is only one of the many interesting sites in Piazza dei Miracoli or Square of Miracles. The Baptistery and the Cathedral are also lovely. The detailed architecture of these sights is incredible. Intricate white and elegant architecture seems to always amaze. Maybe its because of the work, patience and time it takes to accomplish. The final result is always impressively exquisite.

The columned arches in the architecture of both the tower and the baptistery is what I like most.

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163 thoughts on “Tilt

    1. Thank you so much! It was indeed fun! I do think Orvieto is worth a visit especially if you go to Rome, it’s quite close. You’re welcome and thanks for your interest in my blog. More travel posts to come-Stay tuned!


    1. I didn’t think it was weird. I loved the architecture and how it still stood tall even with its unique tilt. I agree, it is beautiful, I didn’t stand too close but close enough to take silly pictures. You’re welcome, glad you enjoyed the post & photos even if you wouldn’t get so close!

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    1. Yeah, thanks, I totally planned those silly photos. I can now scratch it off my bucket list. Really? I’ve always known about it, but then again I’m Italian so maybe that’s why. It’s okay now you do. Glad you learned something on my blog!


    1. Thank you so much and you’re welcome. Yup its been built while ago, pretty cool that the tower is still standing giving the weak soil. Italy is an awesome destination to add to a travel bucket list. Vietnam is one of my future destination. I heard there is much beauty to see there too. Enjoy. Happy Travels!

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  1. Hello!Thank you so much for stopping by my blog.I am so honored by your gesture!Thank you for these beautiful pictures too.I am sure the visit to the tower must have been so worthwhile.I got to see it too through you!!Thank you.The history behind it was impressive indeed.


    1. Hello! You’re so welcome. Glad you enjoy the essence of my blog. Yes totally worth it, I always wanted to take photos of the tower so that is now marked off my bucket list. Yes many cities and regions on the blog for readers to enjoy through photography with a few words to put in context. More posts every Friday- stay tuned.

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  2. Evelina, thank you SO MUCH for following my blog. I just made one tonight and put up my first post so really its a huge honor. I love your photography as well! Dont be a stranger. I’d love to get to know you more. Do you have any ideas for things you’d be interested in me writing about? Im always open to suggestions or doing my best to answer questions people may have. Hope to hear from you soon!

    – Christopher Michael


    1. You’re so welcome. Glad I am in your first few followers, I remember how motivating that was for me a months back. Thank you so much for complimenting the essence of my blog. I would stay just write about what you feel, be consistent in your posting and the rest is up to you. You have to go with what you feel like posting to ensure authenticity to readers. Good luck and happy blogging.


  3. These scenes are amazing. I am originally from Europe, so, this brings back some memories. Please stop by at the secondary blog for a new article https://inesepogalifeschool.com/ Unfortunately, I have to practically invite everybody since secondary blogs do not have the same visibility as the primary blog. Thanks!


  4. Je suis aussi allee a Pise. D’ailleurs j’en parle dans mon dernier “post”. We did not climb either. It was surprised how very busy it was ( beginning of October) . I find it is a bit expensive for such little time allowed going up and down… We walked in the city that was nice to explore. Bonne semaine Evelina. ( je pense que tu peux lire/parler francais)


    1. Salut, oui il n’y a pas de probleme, je peux ecrire et parler en Francais. Interessant, je vais aller voir le post tout de suite. I didn’t even check the cost to go up, I also just walked around, visited the town and had fun taking pictures. Merci, bonne semaine a toi aussi.

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