Through the village

As I explore the village of Porto Venere, so many charms are to be discovered. A true gem of the Italian Riviera!dscf4767dscf4798dscf4772dscf4768dscf4770dscf4774dscf4777dscf4778dscf4779dscf4780dscf4782dscf4785dscf4786dscf4789dscf4791dscf4793dscf4795dscf4796img_2067dscf4804img_2085img_2097dscf4814Wearing: Zara pants, Zara coat, Forever 21 top, Levi’s Jean jacket, Michael Kors purse, Oliver People sunglasses, Pearl bracelet.


I loved walking and getting lost in the narrow medieval alleys leading to the top of Porto Venere. On my way up, there were many pesto shops offering to taste their hand made product. I did try, it was good but a much stronger taste than I’m used to. Pesto is a specialty of the region.

This attractive little town’s alley way maze leads to the San Pietro Church. Located at the top, the church stands tall with a beautiful and a simple Gothic architectural style. The view from the top is sublime. Surrounded by natural beauty and the castle in the background is quite a pretty site!

As I made my way back down, I stopped by the Doria Castle. Gosh was it ever windy, taking a picture without my hair flying was impossible. The luxurious Doria Castle was owned by a politically strong and wealthy family. Their dynasty lives on in Porto Venere.

My favorite moment was when I sat on the edge at the top of the hill to simply enjoy and appreciate  the coastline’s unspoiled natural beauty!

Also, random thought, this town had some really cool doors!

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120 thoughts on “Through the village

  1. while the architecture can’t be matched, otherwise this is very much like where i live. you will have to give cyprus a pop-over next time you are in europe. 🙂


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