A photogenic town, unique in its simple yet remarkable architecture, filled with history, nature and beautiful to explore. From castles, to churches, to architecture and shopping, Porto Venere has it all!dscf4750dscf4752dscf4760dscf4762dscf4763dscf4765dscf4766dscf4811dscf4810Wearing: Zara coat, Zara pants, Tods pants, Michael Kors bag, Oliver People sunnies


Made it to Porto Venere from Cinque Terre by ferry. The ride was a little bumpy because of the waves but lovely nonetheless. Arriving to the shore, the medieval Doria Castle is the first attraction that is noticeable from the ferry. Then, closer to arrival the colorful houses by the sea are what catch the eye. This fishing village is situated on the Gulf of Poets surrounded by three islands – Palmaria, Tino and Tinetto. Also Porto Venere is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Filled with shops and restaurants, Porto Venere is worth a visit.

The Palazzata -the fortress houses by the water, each painted in a different vivid color, were built this way for protection. Together, these houses create a wall of defense and entrances can only be found on a ground level on the seaside. Hence, no entrance or streets from behind. After being destroyed and rebuilt many times, the houses are now home to locals.

The blissful sun was shining creating a reflection on the sea while being surrounded by the bright colored houses was simply extraordinary, surreal really! A moment of Overwhelming sheer beauty.

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121 thoughts on “P O R T O V E N E R E

  1. Thanks for following my blog! It’s strange that you found mine because I’m travelling to Cinque Terre in May so I’m going to be asking you where best to go..only have two days there so have to fit a lot in… will chat to you again !


    1. You’re welcome. Alright sounds good, I’d be glad to help! Cinque Terre has five region (hence the name), if well planned you can well visit at least 3 in 2 days. Getting from one region to another by ferry is very convenient, cheap and enjoyable.


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