Old Town Monterosso

A lot of the restaurants and shops are located in the old town of Monterosso al mare. Also this part of the village reminds me of Venice but without the canals. The colorful scheme of houses and buildings as people are walking through the narrow alleys is pretty to photograph. dscf4677dscf4679dscf4683dscf4684dscf4678Best Pasta Vongoleimg_2001dscf4682dscf4681dscf4680dscf4706dscf4708dscf4703Wearing: Zara pants, Forever 21 Top, Levi’s jean, Tods shoes


During my stay in Monterosso, it was lovely to visit both the new and old town of the village. While both towns are connected through a tunnel, my pictures for this post have been taken on the old side of town. The old town is situated east to the seaside of the castle.

Spending the day exploring the narrow alleys of the old town, I found a small restaurant where I had the best pasta vongole of my life. I realized I never pay attention to the name of restaurants I choose when abroad, I just go with the vibe in the moment. This spot was tiny yet filled with both tourists and locals so I though why not try, it was a good choice, the pasta was amazing.

Fresh mountains, the Ligurian sea, the seaside promenade make Monterosso al mare a pleasant place to visit, a warm little community with Exposure to the Italian way of life.

As I continue my journey discovering Italy, I think to myself this is The Greatest country_ in the World.

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104 thoughts on “Old Town Monterosso

    1. Thank you so much for lovely compliments. Italy is certainly a country worth visiting as every region has its own unique and charming look. A country with so much beauty from art, culture, food and natural scenery, there is so much to enjoy. 🙂

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