Italian Riviera Seashore

Pretty spot by the water to take photos in the Monterosso part of the Italian Riviera. Here I am, enjoying a mini photoshoot by the beautiful beach.I love the  Ambience  of this town.dscf4686dscf4688dscf4690dscf4692dscf4694dscf4696dscf4697dscf4698dscf4699dscf4701dscf4702dscf4704dscf4707img_2005Feeling Graceful img_2007img_2011img_2012Wearing: Forever 21 top, Zara pants, Levi’s jean jacket, Michael Kors purse, Purple Swatch watch, Pearl bracelet, Tods shoes and Oliver People Sunnies


Monterosso is home to one of the many beautiful Italian beaches. This beach is called Spiaggia di Fegina. Although there are many pebbles, it is a sand beach where both tourists and locals hang out to soak up the sun. The scenery along the beach is so pretty.  Blue water, clear sky, nice breeze, relaxing sound of the waves and the town behind, what more can I ask for. A little cold to swim but perfect to enjoy the wind in my hair.

Also more blue in this town, everything about Monterosso makes me think of the color blue. Different day yet still dressed in a different shade of blue!

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72 thoughts on “Italian Riviera Seashore

      1. I know. I can get that from all your pictures. And I’ll tell you agai . YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL ❤
        I have such a huge crush on all your pictures. I love reading your blogs and more importantly the pictures.
        Gorgeous is the word !!


  1. Hi, Evelina! You’re so pretty. And you took beautiful photos as well. Love all your photographs! Thanks for visiting and following my blog. Looking forward for more posts from you!

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  2. What is the green glass box(?) on the cliff in one of your first pics? Is it a look out? Outfit looks super on you! I see all those stones in the sand! Not great for getting in and out of the water. Was the water warm?

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    1. I just noticed that box, I’m not sure, looks like a house or service point or maybe even a lookout! I guess I have to go back and see. Thank you so much!! Yeah stones can be a little unpleasant but water was cold so I didn’t swim just dipped my feet 🙂


  3. I see the trail where we arrived from Vernazza. As for the beach we did not spend any time there… but we walked all the way up to see the view. I will have post on CT starting this week-end… 4 post to tell our story of our time in CT. :-))))))

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  4. It makes me envious to see the people on your outstanding photos at this time of the year. Well there is always the summer to look forward to in Canada. I will post some winter photos later on this week.Perhaps you find some beauty in them as well.

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      1. Always like your blog. History of northern Italy has interested me a long time too. My EPL side that has a lot of northern Italian resources behind it is struggling though


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