Blue in Monterosso

Wandering on the beautiful seafront promenade of the Monterosso al mare (by the sea) commune in northern Italy. Every corner of this country has so much to offer, this particular town is no exception.

dscf4663Look at the sparkling blue water Shine with the sunlight and through the trees!dscf4664dscf4665dscf4666dscf4667dscf4668dscf4669dscf4671dscf4674dscf4676dscf4670Wearing: Zara coat and Michael Kors purse.


Blue in Monterosso. Every time I think of this village in Liguria I always think of the color blue. Maybe its because I was wearing a blue coat or maybe its because of the blue sky and the immaculate quality of the blue sea combined.

Monterosso al mare is one of the five villages of Cinque Terre in the province of La Spezia. This town runs along the seafront promenade. With beautiful beaches, luxurious hotels, great restaurants, churches and castles to visit, this town attracts many tourists, especially in the hot summer months. It is also known for its distinctively large rock formation that seems to Float on water and always attracting a crowd.

It was quite chilly when I visited but a beautiful time nonetheless. The mountains in the background also add beauty to the picturesque scenery of the coast line.

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78 thoughts on “Blue in Monterosso

  1. Beautiful place! Reminds me a bit about Southern California from my childhood when I lived by the beach with its rocks and interesting coastline. Thanks for following my blog!


  2. What a beautiful place. I can see why the color blue appeals to you. I must say the rock in the harbor reminds me of a large sea lion looking out to sea. Wonderful photos.


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    1. At first I was like where have I read that quote, so familiar haha its from my post! Glad you think so too and pleased to know you are enjoying my photos & posts. I will- more to come every Friday 🙂

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    1. I hope you one day get the experience a sunny day at the beach, it is pretty awesome. The beach isalways one of my favorite places. Thank you so much, I love blue too but pink is my favorite haha


  4. Indeed, blue is the dominant color in the amazing photos of your post. While you may call the weather chilly, you should experience just one day of the Canadian winter. I would go swimming at Monterosso al mare , if I could.

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