The Duomo, the masterpiece of Milan. Seeing it up close, noticing the intricate carving, made me realize how beautiful detailed architecture can be. Made to last for centuries, this cathedral surely is Resilient

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This is the Duomo, the cathedral that is the heart of Milan. I like how the central green door is bigger than the side ones, giving the facade a castle like feel.  Although the church has a mix of styles, ever changing from one century to another, it is primarily known for its Gothic Architecture. When up close noticing the fine details of every part, needless to say, this cathedral is a masterpiece. What is also fascinating, the Duomo fits over 40 000 people at once.

The shoppers, streets performers, people chilling on the front steps of the church and at Piazza del Duomo, what a magical and vibrant yet calm place to be. While the square is so busy beware of pickpockets and men trying to sell you bracelets.

Milan is also great for high fashion shopping and the Italian restaurants were delicious but the Duomo was my favorite. Its beauty and presence makes Milan memorable.

Also, Happy New Year to all, Hopeful it will be a good one!!

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85 thoughts on “Facade

    1. Yes the Duomo is beautiful and lovely to photograph. Totally worth going if you ever get the chance one day, Milan has a very different vibe than Florence but still fun. You’re welcome, glad you are enjoying the photo journey.

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      1. Except for when they attack you when someone throw bread in front of, true story, I had to leg it when 20 pigeons skydived against me and my girl. As a true gentleman I told her to run when I was 5 meters away 🙂 but I would go back for sure.


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