I like the picture of me, standing with my purse to the side, my head pointed upwards, I look like I’m exploring, taking in the moment and appreciating the art & beauty that surrounds me.

img_1766dscf4507img_1769img_1774img_1773img_1776img_1780img_1784img_1785img_1794img_1795dscf4510dscf4512Wearing: Zara pants, Rudsak leather jacket, Forever 21 shoes, Swatch watch, Oliver People Sunnies, and Michael Kors bag


After climbing to the roof, here I am visiting the Interior of the Duomo in Milan. When entering, I found the huge columns to be grandiose and welcoming. I visited during Sunday mass, which was nice to experience in Italian in Italy.  The repeated pointed ceiling combined with the floor patterns were aesthetically pleasing creating a unique look.

The interior of the church also includes statues, beautiful stained glass and colorful choir windows. Also, the Duomo apparently holds the nail of the crucifixion but only to be viewed once a year, and it was not on display during my visit. It is also incredible the amount of marble that is used, so elegant and fancy. I love it!

In the basement of the church, visitors can go see the the archaeological excavation of the Christian baptistery. Overall, this area was dark but still interesting to see.

Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas! And thank you so much for your support

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57 thoughts on “Interior

  1. Evelina, es imponente y bella la colección de imágenes que estás logrando. Gracias por compartirlas. Tienes un buen fotógrafo y tu buena estampa realza las vistas donde apareces. Te felicito y auguro un buen año 2017 para ti!
    Carlos Haller (alias kalais) – desde Mar del Plata


    1. Muchas gracias por felicitar mi blog. Me gusta fotografiar mi viaje alrededor del mundo. Encantada de saber que otros como usted le gustan fotos de mi blog. Gracias de nuevo, feliz 2017 a usted también


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