Sitting up here and taking photos was really fun. If I’d known it was this beautiful, I would have went earlier to not get rushed out at closing. But there would have been no way of knowing, I like to I keep the element of surprise. So here I am on top of the Duomo and so much to Discover dscf4572dscf4626Side of main square in Milandscf4573A little restoration at the back but still amazingdscf4574Pretending its a runway ! dscf4575dscf4577dscf4580dscf458110Photo edited to make it look like it was a sunny day 🙂

dscf4582dscf4583dscf4592dscf4598dscf4600dscf4602dscf4609dscf4611dscf4610Wearing: Zara pants, Rudsak leather jacket, Forever 21 shoes, Swatch watch, Oliver People Sunnies, and Michael Kors bag.


I’ve made my way to the Cathedral top. Wow is the first word that came to mind. I would literally hang out up here, it’s a breathtaking terrace on a Cathedral roof in Milan. So many people and tourists visiting the cathedral and life going on in the main square below yet  the atmosphere is so Calm. The cathedral’s Gothic architecture is absolutely incredible. Remarkable, rare, exquisite is how I’d describe the beauty of this sculptural quality and detail. Thousands of statues and hundreds of spires yet each one is different. Totally worth six euros to climb up here to the top.

The roof overlooks the city. I could see all of magnificent Milan, even the Alps and Apennines Mountains in the far distance. If foggy, or a smog covered sky, the mountains are not as visible. I also felt in the center of the metropolis, when I looked down I could see streets circles taking root from the Cathedral. It all begins here, the Duomo is the heart of Milan.

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