The Climb, Milan

The spectacular views on the way up to the Milan Cathedral roof.1112dscf4542dscf4548dscf4549dscf4552dscf4553dscf4557dscf4558dscf4560dscf4565dscf4566dscf4567dscf4568dscf4569dscf4570dscf4550dscf4551Wearing: Zara pants, Rudsak leather jacket, Forever 21 shoes, Michael Kors bag.


I’m in Milan, the city of high fashion, design and of course The Duomo di Milano in Italy. Here I am climbing to the top of the Cathedral before closing time. I chose the cheaper alternative and decided to walk up the stairs and enjoy the architecture along the way instead of taking the elevator.

The delicately crafted architecture is simply spectacular. So rich in detail, so elegant and sophisticated no wonder it took about six centuries to complete. On the way up, visitors can admire all the statues and the group of spires made of marble. This spiked Gothic Cathedral is situated in the center of Milan, therefore you can enjoy city views while you get to the roof.

While I was climbing, there were street performers singing classic Italian songs. The speakers were so loud I could hear them sing on my way up, making this experience even more authentically Italian.

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