A promenade in Salo

An afternoon enjoying a leisurely walk on Lake Garda’s promenade. Admiring the array of colorful boats along the waterfront and mountains in the background.

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Una passaggiata a Salo! A stroll in Salo!

An afternoon to discover Lake Garda’s longest and most beautiful promenade. With a picture perfect landscape, I could not help but wander to find cute spots to snap a few photos. Quite a breezy afternoon & perfect for sailing along the lake. So many little customs shops, I really enjoyed my leisurely walk while admiring the town, and having gelato. I usually have a scoop of tiramisu and another of mango or coffee depending if I feel like something fruity. I love that Salo is a town under the San Bartolomeo mountains and so close to the water.

Historical Salo facts:

  1. Salo was made the headquarters of the Fascist Government of the Italian Social Republic by Mussolini between 1943 t0 1945.
  2. This town is also known to be the place where the violin was invented in 1540.

Surely an afternoon well spent! And great to Relax

Until next time,



56 thoughts on “A promenade in Salo

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  2. Interesting. I first thought that this post is from Finland, ‘cos there is a town called: Salo. It’s near of our former capital, historical city: Turku. Then when I saw those wies I realised it’s not our Turku…


    1. Ahh that sounds magical. I would totally capture that moment. It would be picture perfect, even a video would be great to record to sound of the violin & the waves of the sea! Aww it would be amazingly beautiful. Glad you enjoyed my post! 🙂

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