Pretty shore of Lake Garda

Here I am on my way to Salo, going to enjoy the wind, the waves, the Dolomite Mountains, the harbor towns, the pretty shore while boating on Italy’s beautiful Lake Garda.

dscf4372dscf4382dscf4385dscf4388dscf4390dscf4392img_1656dscf4393dscf4398dscf4400dscf4402img_1675dscf4403dscf4407dscf4413dscf4414dscf4419dscf4424img_1714dscf4391Wearing:  Zara coat, Rudsak scarf, Oliver People sunnies, Zara pants, Zara top, Forever 21 shoes, MAC lipstick, Swatch watch and Michael Kors purse


From Sirmione to Salo! I got on our boat to get to one town to another while being surrounded by the Dolomite Mountains. Lake Garda is Italy’s largest lake where there are so many villas and castles on the pretty shore. Known to be a quintessential  Italian vacation spot, I do believe it to be quite a luxurious and classy  area to vacation.

Salo is situated in the Province of Brescia in the Lombardy region of Italy. Similar to Sirmione, it is a small town but on the western side of Lake Garda. Alright, I’m going to enjoy my afternoon in delightful Salo!

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