The Venetian maze- walkway after walkway after walkway.. Oh wait, I’m lost!

dscf3975dscf3967dscf3995dscf3978dscf4022dscf4014dscf4028dscf4035dscf4041dscf4049dscf4052dscf4063dscf4057Wearing: Michael Kors jumpsuit, Aldo booties, Zara jacket, Michael Kors purse.


So many narrow alleyways in Venice. Its genuine magic to simply walk without a map, take picture perfect photos, have a gelato at SUSO gelataria and lose yourself in the Venetian maze. I also had Spaghetti alle Vongole for lunch and it was delicious… Obviously!  I’m in Venice, I’d be disappointed if it was anything less than great.

My favorite thing to do in the streets of Venice is to walk over the overpasses of the canal. There are so many of them and the view is always a breathtaking beauty. Also, it’s cool to see gondola water- traffic on the canal.

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83 thoughts on “Venezia

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    1. Oh no! What did he say now? So glad to hear my blog has been a means of escape and a place to dream for you. Lovely to know my photos have such power. Speaking Italian is cool, so much enthusiasm in the language. I must say I enjoy it!

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  2. WoW what an outfit and what great pictures. Just cuz I’m old doesn’t mean i can’t prevaricate style….it is just that style looks so much better on young thin things than on an old dumpy woman. Thanx for the follow and I’m returing the favor since just browsing thru these picx makes me remember my “Glam or” dayz. ~~dru and her catz~~


  3. HI, Evalina! Thanks for following my blog on Diet, exercise and living past 100. Very much enjoyed your pics of you in Venice. I visited there years ago to play in a backgammon tournament. Great city. Your pictures did a great job of conveying the beauty of the city. If you want to see a stunning movie set in Venice check out Don’t Look Now, Nicholas Roeg directed it and Julie Christie stars. He actually made you feel as though the city were a character in the story.


    1. Hi! You’re welcome. I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Thank you for complimenting my post\ photos! My goal is to convey the beauty of the cities I visit so its nice to hear my photos do capture the essence. Okay ill give it a look 🙂


    1. I’ve visited the Venetian before, it is a really good representation of ‘real’ Venice. I hope you one day get the chance to walk the narrow streets of Venice, Italy. Have a nice day


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