Romeo & Juliet’s Love Story in Verona

The houses of Romeo & Juliet. I started off by finding Romeo’s palace and then headed towards Juliet’s house.


IMG_1156Wearing: Zara Top, Zara palazzo pants, Tods Shoes, Michael Kors purse.


I visited both Romeo’s palace and Juliet’s famous balcony in the refined city of Verona, northern Italy. There are a lot more people visiting Juliet’s house than there are at Romeo’s. Casa di Romeo (Romeo’s house) is a medieval building with two large brown doors printed with love graffiti. Tourist cannot go passed the doors to see the internal courtyards as it is now a residential area.

As I entered Juliet’s house,  I walked through a tunnel filled with love notes. Tourists write declarations of love and stick them on the courtyard wall for good luck.  Once passed the tunnel, tourists have the possibility to buy a 6 euro Casa di Giulietta  (Juliet’s house) ticket to go up to the balcony. This is where Juliet stood as Romeo famously called her name to confess his love to her. It is also good luck to touch the right breast of the statue displayed under the balcony.

Fun fact:  Juliet never lived in this house, she is a fictional character therefore she never existed and the balcony was added years after the creation of her house.

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100 thoughts on “Romeo & Juliet’s Love Story in Verona

    1. Haha I know right! Its pretty funny knowing many tourists go all the way to Verona for Juliet’s balcony but its fictional. Good business tactic to who ever invented that. Thank you so much. I love cute outfits when I travel or anywhere else. I agree, it is nice to look good.

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  1. How silly, all those tourists visiting because Romeo and Juliet are written to have been there. The power of Shakespeare is extraordinary. I don’t suppose the tourist board of Verona mind all the visitors, a nice little earner. Excellent write up, short and to the point.


    1. I agree, I was stunned when I found out yet tourists don’t seem to mind, it was so crowded. But it surely is good business for Verona. Someone was able to make money off something that isn’t even real and it works really well. haha
      Thank you so much, I appreciate the compliment!

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