Verona is for lovers

Verona is for lovers! Lovers of life, lovers of beauty, lovers of lovely cities, lovers of history & drama, lovers of food and most of all, lovers of  romance.


IMG_1141DSCF3753DSCF3804DSCF3683DSCF3704DSCF3709DSCF3714DSCF3725DSCF3728DSCF3811DSCF3789Wearing: Zara top, Zara palazzo pants, Zara jean shirt, Tods shoes, Michael Kors bag, Pearl bracelet, MAC lipstick and Sally Hansen nail polish.


The city of Verona is one of the many places in Italy for a picture perfect getaway.

Surrounded by beauty and history, it is impossible not to enjoy ancient Verona. Known for its artistic architecture, Verona is now a UNESCO World heritage site.  When walking in the streets of Verona, you can’t help but feel calm and enjoy the aesthetically pleasing scenery while having a delicious gelato.

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63 thoughts on “Verona is for lovers

  1. So wonderful! I love Verona as I love everything related to Italy. I have been there twice 🙂 Thank you so much for posting, I feel as if I have had a walk in Verona once more!


    1. Thank you! Yes I love everything related to Italy too and I have also been there twice haha. You’re welcome, glad you enjoy the essence of my blog. Pleased to hear that this post made you walk in Verona through my photos. 🙂

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    1. I’ve been to Genoa too, my blog post is to come in the future. Haha well when you want to have a mini trip, Verona is very close to you! So many Italian cities are beautiful. I live in Canada but my family is Italian and I loved all of Italy, felt like home. Thank you for the follow 🙂

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  2. Hey Evelina, I’m Ken from, you visited my blog the other day.
    Your blog brought a smile because this year I’m restarting life all over again, and I studied Romeo and Juliet 20+ years ago and loved it. Seeing actual pictures of Verona and the Montagues / Capulet living quarters added vivid pictures of what I only knew with words in a story, which is such a great allegory of what is going on in my life today.
    Seeing pics of simply of you exploring their beautiful places also reminds me of what is going on with me, not that I am visiting scenic places, but every small detail of life… doing the chores, walking to the park, running, typing, uploading a blog are all a beautiful exploration too.

    It doesn’t happen often, but once in a while, something jogs out a poetic side (I used to write poems before my 10 year sickness), so here’s something for you:

    What light through yonder window breaks? It is the east, and Juliet is the sun.
    Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon,. Who is already sick and pale with grief
    Reminds me of a past that was gone too soon.
    But saw a newness when looking at Verona and you.

    How fitting, sitting in a soft pocket is your name
    A tenderness – Lina, the first woman – Eve
    and an originality from the first in which it came.
    I would love to have a conversation with you, if you please. 🙂


    1. Hi Ken, I’m glad to read my blog made you smile. Surely gives me purpose to pursue my blogging further. I wish you much strength in restarting your life. How pleasing to hear that you can relate to my posts and that my photo travel journey has inspired you to write me a poem. I thank you for taking your time to write up such a lovely poem. I appreciate your kind words. Have yourself a wonderful day. Until next time, Evelina

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  3. WOW! I’ve never been to Vienna…that is not before today. The best thing about viewing a travel blog is that you get to virtually travel yourself. I am highly visual so I love pictures. Yours show me a beautiful place on this planet, which is much appreciated. I suspect Vienna receives many actual visitors as well. I can now better imagine traveling along one of these busy streets, stopping for a bite, and maybe even making a new foreign friend or two. Nice!

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  4. Beautiful photo journey. I love gelato and would love to explore the world. Due to my bedridden condition, I, of course, cannot which is why I truly appreciate travel blogs. Thank you for taking me along! ❤

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  5. Ciao Evelina, grazie per seguire il mio blog… anch’io sono un’appassionata dei viaggi! e pure io, ho iniziato da giovanissima. Bella l’idea di farci visitare le più belle città e regioni d’Italia… complimenti e ti auguro tanti bei viaggi! A presto :-)c

    Hello Evelina, thanks for following my blog… I am also a passionate of travel! and me too, I started very young. Nice idea to make us visit the most beautiful cities and regions of Italy… congratulations and I wish you many nice trips! See you soon 🙂 c

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    1. Ciao. Grazie per il vostro interesse nel mio blog. Anche io ho iniziato ad amare viaggiare molto giovana. Amo viaggiare ancora e apprezzo di più. L’Italia è il mio paese preferito. Forse a causa della mia eredità italiana. Grazie ancora! Vi auguro molti viaggi anche a voi. (Il mio italiano scrito non è perfetto, ma ho provato) A presto!


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