Tuscany Diary

When I think Tuscany,  I think lovely scenery, serenity  and greenery. Perfect place to enjoy bread & cheese while being under the Tuscan sun



Wearing: Zara Top, Zara pants, Aldo shoes, pearl bracelet and earrings, Michael Kors bag.


I’m in Chianti Region Tuscany, situated between Florence and Siena in central Italy. The picturesque landscape is breathtaking, the sun is hot and I’m loving my Italian bread & cheese. Although I’m not much of a drinker, they say the Chianti Classico is a great wine from this region. Chianti is known for its vineyards and wineries but I love it for its serenity. Also, the Tuscan hills are quite impressive, they seem infinite.

I like the lavish lilac flowers in the pictures above, they really mesh nicely with the greenery.

Until next time,




45 thoughts on “Tuscany Diary

      1. J’adore le fromage et j’aime bien le vin aussi. L’Italie nous a bien charme ..il faudra planifier un autre voyage..:-))
        il semble que tu as ete dans plusieurs endroits lors ce ce voyage que tu partages sur WP.


        1. Oui, moi aussi j’aime bien le fromage (mais pas le vin car j’aime pas boire). Mais le fromage Italian avec un bon Coca froid, pour moi c’est delicieux. Oui, en effet ce voyage a fait le grand tour d’Italie mais il y en reste encore a decouvrir. L’italie est un pays ou l’on peut retourner plusieurs fois et visiter de nouvelles regions aussi splendides que les dernieres.


          1. donc tu parles italien ?? une bonne chose quand on voyage en Italie. J’ai essaye d’apprendre un peu avec Duolingo mais heureusement les gens parlent aussi anglais la-bas. bisous et A+


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  2. Thank you, Evelina, for visiting A Late Spring and giving me a chance to visit your beautiful blog as well. The pictures are absolutely lovely and so are you! I hope to visit Italy too one day 🙂

    Best wishes,



  3. Thanks for deciding to follow my blog. If you like traveling to the not so ordinary, go to my blog posts from two years ago when I spent three weeks with friends in Ethiopia–he is from there and we spent time with various family members as well as taking a ten day road trip to the mountains–yes, Ethiopia has a lot of very high mountains.


  4. Just popping over to say many thanks for the follow that was bestowed upon Meticulous Mick🍀. You are warmly welcomed aboard and great to meet you, looking good in Tuscany. A great choice of areas to visit and some nicve images to boot. Happy traveling. MM🍀


  5. Thanks for visiting thechangingpalette Evelina and introducing me to your beautiful blog which I am already in love, as I am complete Italophile, which you already know from your visit. My wife and I are looking forward to our trip to Montreal next week and back to Tuscany next year. I look forward to following you in the coming months. With best wishes…Andrew 🙂


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