Pompeii, Italy

On my way to Pompeii, Italy.

From Rome to Pompeii!


DSCF2749DSCF2764DSCF2770DSCF2796DSCF2804dscf2791dscf2807Wearing: Zara top, Zara jeans, Converse runners and my favorite Michael Kors travel bag.


After landing in Rome and ready for my in-depth Italian adventure, Pompeii was my first of many cities to visit. Pompeii is situated in the southern part of Italy, near Naples in the region of Campania.

Pompeii is an ancient town-city which was once destroyed by Mount Vesuvius volcanic eruptions.  It has since become a touristic Italian destination and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Although seeing ruins isn’t my favorite thing to do while travelling, I truly enjoyed seeing how this city has been incredibly preserved.

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26 thoughts on “Pompeii, Italy

  1. One day I want to visit the south, mostly to see Vesuvius, Pompeii, Herculaneum. I’ve only visited the north, down as far as Siena and surroundings. That’s a nice shot of you at the foot of the narrow stairs.


      1. I agree. After a week in Rome (Vatican and the surrounding areas, we went straight to Milan, Verona, Venice then France and UK. We were pressed for time so I’ll just have too go back for more. lol 😉

        I can’t wait to visit with my daughter.
        I’m sure she’ll love it as much!

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